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The Institute for Staffing Excellence and Innovation (ISEI) is committed to helping organizations understand how they can optimize their staffing practices and realize the financial, operational and cultural benefits that result from excellence in staffing.

Developed by nurse executives with rich experience in healthcare, our education programs are sensitive to time constraints, cost containment and environmental factors. In that light we leverage the flexability and cost effectivness of the internet for much of our work, offering on-site options as appropriate. Our Programs are by donation with recommendations for donation amount based on an organization size and situation.

With more programs in development, we are currently offering:

Evaluation Surveys                     Know where you stand in relation to staffing excellence.
Education                                     Establish common foundations and organizational alignment.

For more information, please contact us at:

Making your dollars count

Make your dollars count double!

Invest in a solid foundation of

excellence for your organization

and at the same time support

furthering the not-for-profit

work towards global

staffing excellence.

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